January 4th - 11th - 18th 2012
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Europeans and the Euro - Origins of the Euro Crisis”, “The Euro Today” - “The Future of the Euro”

January 18th 2012
- Speech (USA)
Dante Alighieri Society Italian Cultural Center of Massachussets  - University of Cambridge Massachusetts Boston – “The Future of the Euro”

April 26th 2011
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Berlusconi’s Italy: The Political situation now”
- Speech Consolate General of Italy in Boston: “The Investagating Commission on European Funds to the Palestinian National Authority”

April 2th8
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Berlusconi’s Italy: The  Politaical situation now”

June 23rd 2010 - "Liberamente e orgogliosamente di destra" - interview on the "Predellino"


april 10th 2010 - Il Giornale: Luigi Turchi - Quando la destra sapeva dialogare anche con i "nemici"

nov14 MIT Harward - AdKronos

nov14 MIT Harward - AdKronos

sept 18 2009 Il Sole 24 ore - rediscover the roots of development

april 2009 Radio Kiss Kiss interview on earthquake

19/02/09 Libero - EU ok energy plans

30 jan 2009 Libero - a seat costs 4 millions

17 sept 2008 Adnkronos - "Policy has to make people closer "

17 sept 2008 Il Tempo - "Policy has to make people closer"

8 aug. 2008 Libero - Così il PDL vincerà alle europee

june 2008 Radio Kiss Kiss interviews 1 2 3

14 june 2008 -Ronchi'alarm:«Now Union risks to stop »

2 june 2008 - Il Tempo "Culture and training. That's the real challenge "

18 june 2007 Il Giornale "Andreotti: le mie lezioni di politica al discepolo Turchi"

15 may 2007 Adnkronos

Sky24 - video

Radio KissKiss part1 part2

Il Tempo - «Ok for Tremonti» 21/07/2006

Il Tempo - «Alemanno "Franz Turchi the added value» 13/05/2006

Comunicato stampa - «Romw; Alemanno: Franz Turchi added value for the Roman centre-right » 12/05/2006

Secolo d'Italia - «Turchi accepts Lamorte's invite and goes on with his political purposes» 24/03/2006

Il Tempo - «AN, Turchi doesn't abandon» 24/03/2006

La Padania - Ambassador Ehud GOl speaks

La Piazza d'Italia - Ehud GOl, Italy may have a very important role in Middle East

Corriere della Sera - Face to face, by Culture vice-mayor

Il Giornale - "Cdl's revenge starts from Campidoglio"

Corriere della Sera - Teams playing

Corriere della Sera - Sgarbi with Cdl

Il Giornale - "Sgarbi and Turchi town council"

Il Messaggero - "We'll commit the Culture town council to Vittorio Sgarbi"

GIornale di Sicilia - Administrative elections of Rome

Il Tempo - Road conditions, home and job

Turchi Opens the European Challenge

The European Challenge Starts Again

GR1 Europa - Budget 2004 23/5/2003

TG1 Economia Unused funds 31/3/2003

GR1 Europa 10/3/2003

GR1 Europa 28/1/2003

Speeches at the New York University Stern School of Business
1 speech photo

TG1 Economia (21/1/03)

Strasbourg Answers

Budget Approval

GR1 Europa EU Enlargement to the East

GR1 Enlargement: costs or investments? (8/11/2002)

GR1 Cost enlargement funds (1/11/2002)

Uno Mattina Rai1 Funds for Emergency (17/10/2002)

TG1 Economia (14/10/2002)

GR1 Criteria on Funds (15/10/2002)

GR1 Funds Without Security (8/10/2002)

GR1 2003 Budget (26/9/2002)

GR1 Fund Emergency (18/9/2002)

TEN Project (Trans-European Networks) (04/06/2002) -See: TEN the project-

GR1 Crisis in the Middle East and political affairs (25/04/2002)

2000 Budget Discharge (09/04/2002) 

2003 Budget (21/03/2002)

Ten Project (14/03/2002)-See: TEN the project-

European Funds (07/03/2002)


Ansa news

Interview Radio 2 Rai (16/12/2001):
part 1 - part 2

Il giornale 3rd November

Interview 1

Interview 2

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