Political activity

- Franz Turchi has been a member of Alleanza Nazionale’s National Assembly since its foundation.

- He has been a Euro-MP from 1999 to 2004, and held the post of Vice President of the Budget Directorate, the highest post an Alleanza Nazionale member, excluding Gianfranco Fini, has ever held.

- Member of the Uen (Europe for a Union of Nations) group, he has stood out for a series of important initiatives, including the following:

Franz Turchi has been the permanent rapporteur of the TEN (Trans-European Network) Project, that concerns all the infrastructural works (roads, railways and ports). After years of barren discussion, he managed to have the TEN Project approved, financing was increased from 4.7 billion to over 8 billion Euros, with the EU financial contribution without security going from 10% to 20%, and the possibility to finance the remaining part at special rates.

He has been rapporteur of the new multiyear plan in favour of enterprises and entrepreneurship aimed at improving the financial context of Small and Medium Enterprises, by strengthening securities for loans, and promoting the establishment of new enterprises, thanks to the increase in the allocation provided by the European Investment Fund.

He has always been sensitive to the issues related to disabled people, and made it possible that the European Union’s attention in favour of the disabled did not die down in specific programmes, but was present in all EU policies, and in all the bodies obtaining European Union financing.


He has been rapporteur of the new EU action plan in the field of public healthcare. This project received a 300 million Euro-worth allocation from the Commission.

He has been rapporteur of the Community mechanism for the co-ordination of Civil Protection actions in case of emergencies, favouring the creation of a stable structure within the Commission to co-ordinate Member States’ interventions.

He has been rapporteur of the “Galileo” satellite navigation project. Such project shall help improve the performances of the two already existing satellites, and make European technology reach high-level standards.

He presented and had the resolution proposal for one Euro bank notes approved by the European Parliament. It shall then rest with the Commission and the European Central Bank to define the proposal’s implementation and execution times.

– In May 2003, he visited Israel as Member of the EU Delegation for the relationships with the Knesset, and met President Moshe Katsav and the main political and civil society representatives.