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La Piazza d’Italia

“Change in continuity”, this is the buzzword of “La Piazza d’Italia”, a bimonthly publication founded in 1963 by Senator Franz Turchi. The recently graphically renovated and further content-enriched newspaper is still edited by the Turchi family, in the persons of Hon. Luigi and his son, Franz. The recent innovations are an important commitment to strengthen the role of the publication, in terms of seriousness, completeness and authoritativeness, in order to make it more and more present and participate in the debates on important issues: from domestic policy to economics, from foreign policy to culture, from the showbiz to the publishing sector.

Moreover, the appearance of some columns, on global markets and on books, the Internet and other subjects, bear a witness to the will of making La Piazza d’Italia not only a useful newspaper full of information, but also an authoritative and prestigious one. Everything is done as a token of a twofold continuity, the continuity in the publishing approach, that holds to liberal principles, Catholicism and solidarity and the continuity in style which calls for the Turchi family to open their publication to other views and cultures, with the specific aim of bringing La Piazza d’Italia in the heart of Europe.





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