Academic activity


17 February
 - Speech (USA)
University of Massachusetts Boston - History Department and Office Global Programs
"Europe's Migrant Crisis".


October 15th
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston – History Department and Global Studies

"Europe and Jihad: past sins and present dangers"
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April 24th
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center –Office of International & Transnational Affairs (OITA)

"Italy after the elections and the Euro: Future Prospects"


June 1st
College of Liberal Arts, UMASS BOSTON
- History Department
position of Visiting professor of Contemporary European History and Political Economy”

jan 4th - jan 11th- jan 18th
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Europeans and the Euro - Origins of the Euro Crisis”, “The Euro Today” - “The Future of the Euro”

jan 18th
- Speech (USA)
Dante Alighieri Society Italian Cultural Center of Massachussets  - University of Cambridge Massachusetts Boston – “The Future of the Euro”


apr 26th
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Berlusconi’s Italy: The Politaical situation now”
- Speech Consolate General of Italy in Boston: “The Investagating Commission on European Funds to the Palestinian National Authority”

aprile 28th
- Speech (USA)
UMASS BOSTON - University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center – “Berlusconi’s Italy: The  Politaical situation now”

Speaker nella conferenza.

           BU - Boston University (USA)
Lecture: “ History of Failure” – “ Storia di un fallimento”.


  • Yorktown University – Denver, Colorado

      Graduates Course: ‘Foundation of Democracy – European Politics’


  • Università Telematica G. Marconi (Roma) –
  • Calandra Institute Queens College, City University of New York
    Lecture: "The European Union: Its Future and Development"

-   Department of Politics, Princeton University, New Jersey
Lecture: "The Euro's Unexpected Political Earthquake"


  • BU - Boston University (USA)

Lecture: “ Europe and Middle East” – “ L’Europa e il Medio Oriente” 


  • BU - Boston University (USA)

Lectures: “ Europe’s economic problems ” – “ I problemi economici dell’Europa”
             “ Europe’s Islamic problem ”      – “ Il problema islamico dell’Europa”
             “ Europe’s rude awakening ”      – “ Il brusco risveglio dell’Europa”


After graduating in Economics at Luiss University, Rome, Italy, Franz Turchi was appointed Scholar of “Financial Mathematics” in 1996, with Prof. Francesco Cetta, at the same University.

He became regular professor of “Cost-benefit analysis”, at the Perugia University, Italy, in 1998.
He wrote a manual on the above-mentioned subject “Elements of Economics for Cost-Benefit Analysis” in 2002, published by Franco Angeli.

In 2000, he was professor for the “European Union” modules, in the framework of the "Training for entrepreneurs in refurbishing the Albergo dei Poveri di Ferdinando Fuga in Naples" Project, held in Naples, Italy.

In 2002, he obtained a graduation at the School of Business of the Columbia University.
In 2003, he obtained a master in Institutional Communication at the Fondazione Don Luigi Sturzo, Rome, Italy, with a seminar on "European Institutions".

Franz Turchi gave several lectures at the most prestigious universities in the world, including Princeton, New York University, the City university of New York and Boston University.

Professor in Economia Aziendale e Gestione delle Imprese
Professor in: Costruzione di strade, ferrovie e aereoporti
Professor in: Estimo
Professor in: Economia Internazionale ed Estimo Rurale
Professor at Yorktown University